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The Doubleback Press Archive is a collection of information about presses that have closed down. We keep this archive to pay homage to the hard work and dedication of small presses.

If you have a small press that recently closed, you used to run one of these, or you know someone who did, please feel free to reach out to us about additions and corrections to our information. We’re basing our information from using the WayBack Machine web archive and press websites. Feel free to reach out to our Managing Editor, Danielle Hanson, with any such inquiries (


Argus House Press ( Stow, OH)

About/ Mission: We reaffirm our commitment to publish work that supports diversity and intersectionality. We are against the appropriation of culture, voices, and experiences.

Genres: Poetry

Editors: Teneice Durrant

Authors: Aaron Smith, Albino Carrillos, Andrew Rihn, Cynthia Zelman, Emma Bolden, Jeff Kass, Jeremy Paden, Jody Rich, ​John Yu Branscum, Jory Mickelson, Juliana Gray, Karen Craigo, Lylanne Musselman, Michael Hampton, Nathan Blake, Nick Admussen, Ricardo Nazario y Colon, Sara Sarai, Stacia Fleegal, Tara Betts, Treasure Shields Redmond, Upfromsumdirt

Titles: Men in Groups by Aaron Smith, Uranium Day by Albino Carrillo, Foreclosure Dogs by Andrew Rihn, What’s in a Butch’s Purse by Cynthia Zelman, Geography V by Emma Bolden, Invisible Staircase by Jeff Kass, Delicate Matters by Jeremy Paden, Beneath Artificial Stars by Jody Rich, Skinwalkers by John Yu Branscum, Slow Depth by Jory Mickelson, Anne Boleyn’s Sleeves by Juliana Gray, Someone Could Build Something Here by Karen Craigo, Charm Bracelet for Cruising by Lylanne Musselman, Bad Kids from Good Schools by Michael Hampton, Going Home Nowhere and Fast by Nathan Blake, Watching Lumia by Nick Admussen, Recital by Ricardo Nazario y Colon, The Young Orator by Sara Sarai, Antidote by Stacia Fleegal, The Greatest by Tara Betts, Chop: a collection of kwansabas for Fannie Lou Hamer, Caul and Response by Upfromsumdirt. 

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Avantexte 2011-2013  (San Francisco Bay, CA)

About/ Mission: Welcome to Avantexte Press, the San Francisco Bay Area’s only publisher of visual, concrete and experimental poetry. We strive to publish the most innovative and beautiful visual poetry being published today, as it is our belief that visual poetry represents one of the most vital, innovative, syncretic, and accessible forms of contemporary poetic exploration. Not to mention one of its most underrepresented.

Genres: visual and experimental poetry

Editors: Not listed on website

Authors: Matina Stamatakis, Carmen Racovita, Francis Raven, Eric Goddard-Scoval, and Zachary Bos

Titles: The ChongDog Misfits by Matina Stamatakis and Carmen Racovita, SUBSCRIPTIONS TO RENEW YOUR SMILE WITH by Francis Raven, LINES by Eric Goddard-Scoval, and Some Speartips by Zachary Bos

Information found here.

Bedoin Books 2003-2017

About/ Mission: bedouin books’ publishing philosophy is to give emerging and established writers in literature and poetry, fiction and non-fiction, legitimate quality collections of their work in bound form as a springboard to their careers, publishing credit, as well as something they can sell. Founded in 2003, bedouin books set out on a 25-year project timetable. The idea is to allow the press to transform its goals without limitations in scope, permitting flexibility in how the goals are met. Since its start, bedouin has been committed to the enduring nature of books; books that stay in-print and are re-released in some form for years to come. Whether in handbound editions with letterpress printed covers, or as short-run digital, perfect bound editions featuring new cover designs, or as e-publications, the writing will be continuously be made available as literature.

Genres: poetry, fiction, non-fiction

Editors: Michael D’Alessandro

Authors: Atticus Davis, Audri Sousa, Coleman Stevenson, Dato Barbakadze, George Marie, Howie Good, John Sibley Williams, Justin Hocking, Lisa Wells, Liz Collins, Lyn Coffin, M.D’Alessandro, Natalya Churlyaeva, Nate Grace, Nicole Zdeb, Rikki Ducornet, Scott Alexander Jones, Shane Joaquín Jiménez, Shanta Everington, Shivani Sivagurunathan, Sid Miller, Thomas Mowe, Travis Cebula

Titles: A Mule in the Moonlight By Nate Grace, CHIAROSCURO by Shivani Sivagurunathan, Autobiography of Fever by John Sibley Williams, Drowning in Cherryade by Shanta Everington, Fighting Pancho Villa by Sid Miller, BEAST by Lisa Wells, DISMEMBER by George Marie, neo logo isms By Liz Collins, lost river fugue by Nick Bozanic, Still Life With Snow by Dato Barbakadze, Michael Move In With Me by Thomas Mowe, the accidental rarefication of pattern #5609 by Coleman Stevenson, One Day There Will Be Nothing To Show That We Were Ever Here By Scott Alexander Jones, Wild Dogs, A Naked Man and Such: Inspiration for Reluctant Adventurers By Marjorie Ketcher and Jim Ehle, and It Can Be That Way Still by Shane Joaquín Jiménez

Awards / Honors:

2013 Oregon Literary Arts Award for publishing

2014 Ministry of Culture & Monument Protection of Georgia grant for translation and publication of Still Life With Snow, by Dato Barbakadze. This book is nominated for a Best Foreign Language Translation award, a SABA in Georgia in 2015.

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Black Napkin Press 2016-2018 (Huntington Beach, CA)

About/ Mission: Black Napkin Press is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization founded in 2016 to support emerging poets and visual artists. We are committed to disrupting the heteronormative white-cis-male-centric publishing industry by publishing and promoting the work of artists from across the spectrum of cultures, races, religions, ethnicities, and gender/sexual identities. We take a three fold system approach to promotion in the form of an online poetry journal, a print chapbook series, and live poetry performances.

Genres: Poetry and Visual Art

Editors: torin a. greathouse

Authors: Lucas Dahliah Galvin

Titles: A Dollhouse Built on Brimstone by Lucas Dahliah Galvin

Information found here.

Blue & Yellow Dog Press

About/ Mission: We are looking for the improvisational, the clock with its workings evolving and exposed. All styles are welcome. Just don’t make it ordinary! How does one describe poetry? Luck, sweat, fire, & a blue & yellow dog one follows down a tunnel. Express yourself clearly. But we like impasto.

Genres: Poetry 

Editors: Raymond Farr

Authors and collaborators: Carol Alexander, B. W. Archer, Eleanor Leonne Bennett, Michael Berger, Mihir Chitre, Julia Ciesielska, Linda Crate, Lewis Gesner, Stephen Gilchrist, Jason Gordon, Rachel Kearney, William Keckler, Scott Keeney, Richard Kostelanetz, Amanda Krueger, Wayne Mason, Felino A. Soriano, Adam Fieled, Joel Chace, Matthew Johnstone, Keith Moul, Bill Cancel, John C. Goodman, Corey Mesler, Steven Minchin, Tracie Morell, Al Ortolani, Jay Passer, Lin Powell, Ben Rasnic, Michelle Reale, Walter Ruhlmann, Emily Treakle-Chase, Barbara Young and Raymond Farr 

Titles:  Equations by Adam Field, naked beauty by John C. Goodman and other titles not listed

Information found here.

Caffeinated Press 2014-2019 (MI)

About/ Mission: Simply put, the mission of Caffeinated Press is to publish works of literary merit by writers who are connected to West Michigan. That last part is important: We’re not looking to be a national press. Our writers and readers know the joys of Pure Michigan and understand the specific sociocultural makeup of our regional community. Authors need not be present to win, however; any author who has lived, studied or frequently visited West Michigan falls within our scope. This geographic emphasis helps us to focus on our core demographic and to ensure that we deliver the right product to the right people at the right time and at the right price.

We aspire to grow a local and self-sustaining literary culture in West Michigan that rivals ArtPrize in size, scope and vibrancy — and in so doing, build a community-relations model for other regions to emulate.

Genres: poetry, fiction, and non-fiction

Editors: Alyssa Adamovich, Angela Craft, Jason E. Gillikin, Tabitha Maloley, Abigail McClung, Cullen McCurdy, Shannon M. Keirnan, Alaric G. Reinstein, Alley Saltz, Alison Tazelaar, Elyse R. Wild, Brittany K. Wilson, and John H. Winkelman

Authors: Jean Davis and Lisa Ann Gundy 

More authors exist but our project is lacking info on them

Titles: A Broken Race by Jean Davis 

More titles exist but our project is lacking info on them

Information found here.

Differentia Press 2009-2014

About/ Mission: Poetic Collections of the Experimental Spectrum 

Genres: Poetry/ Experimental 

Editors: Our project is lacking information this press’s editors

Authors: Duane Locke, Joseph Goosey, Peter G Res, Gail Gray, Dr. Kane X. Faucher, Ray Succre, Andrew Taylor, Constance Stradler, Michael Bernstein, lars palm, Adam Cornford,  and Charles Freeland

Titles: Soliloquies from A High Wall Hidden Cemetery By Duane Locke, thirteen poems written inside your local zaxby’s By Joseph Goosey, Vibrant Ghost By Peter G Res, Eye on the Universe By Gail Gray, Morphometries: The Collected Poetical Works of Jack K, A National Poet of Little to Middling Importance By Dr. Kane X. Faucher, Other Cruel Things by Ray Succre,The Metaphysics of a Vegetarian Supper by Andrew Taylor, Rummaging in the Attic by Constance Stradler, The Fire District By Michael Bernstein, for good behaviour by lars palm, SCAPES by Adam Cornford, and Chilean Sea Bass is Really Just Patagonian Toothfish by Charles Freeland

Information found here.

ELJ Editions 2015-2017 (Washingtonville, NY)

About/ Mission: A writer’s manuscript is ultimately the writer’s heart. It should be treated with respect, and the author should have some control over the process. It’s the writer’s book. It’s the writer’s words. Every page should be treated with respect, held high, preserved for each and everyone that picks it up. We understand transparency can be construed as vulnerability or a sign of weakness in this day and age and send people running for the hills, but in all reality, doesn’t every writer want to be treated as a human being and not a manuscript?

ELJ Editions is open to authors of all backgrounds and perspectives. We will get a feel for who you are through your words, your stories and your voice. When we fall in love with your manuscript and find out who you are, we still won’t care about your pedigree. We will care most about you as not only a writer but a person. We believe in collaboration between writer and editor, person and person. We believe in words, what they have to say to the reader, to the world. We believe in transparency and accessibility. We feel publishing a book should be an interactive and personalized experience.

If you agree with our vision, if you want a meaningful experience when publishing either your first book or twentieth, please consider us. If you believe you can benefit from publishing with ELJ, then we encourage you to submit whatever you would like. We will support you 100%. We put in our sweat equity to treat your baby like our baby.

Be Well. Write Well. Read Well.

Genres: Poetry

Editors: Kell Hagerman, Damon McKinney, Lee Busby, and Ian Bodkin

Authors: Allie Marini Batts, Andrew Ruzkowski, Dennis Etzel, Jr., Jake Russell, Jamie L. Moore, Jillian M. Phillips, Laura McCullough, Leah Sewell, Leigh Anne Hornfeldt, M. E. Silverman, Alex Stolis, Sara Biggs Chaney, Allie Marini Batts, Amber Hollinger, Annalee Vilen Kwochka, Anthony Frame, Brittany D. Clark, Charlie Geoghegan-Clements, Christopher Klingbeil, Christopher McCurry, David Rawson, Denise R. Weuve, Holly Day, Ian Bodkin, Jacqueline Jules, Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, Jeremy Broyles, Jessica Barksdale, Jordan Sanderson, Joseph Rathgeber, Katherine MacCue, Laura McCullough, Lee Busby, Leslie McGrath, Lori Lamothe, Mark Lee Webb, Mary Fifield, Mathieu Cailler, Michael Broek, Paul McGlamery, Peter Florek, Phyllis Green, Samantha Duncan, Sarah Lilius, Shannon Curtin, Steven Ostrowski, Susan DeFreitas, Tantra Bensko, Tara Shea Burke, A.W. Marshall, Beate Sigriddaughter, Cindy Rinne, Deonte Osaynade, Duncan Campbell, Ian Bodkin, Jim Miller, John Mitchel, Josh Penzone, Joyce Goldenstern, Katie Cortese, Kindra McDonald, Kristine Ong Muslim, Lawrence Eby, Lee Busby, Lisa Marie Cole, Mark Magoon, Michael Cooper, Natalie Byers, Nicole Rollender,  Nina Bannett, William Alton, Amy Barnes,  Melissa Boles, Olivia Braley, Travis Cravey, Rachael Crosbie, Tommy Dean,  and L Scully

Titles: You Might Curse Before You Bless by Allie Marini Batts, A Shape & Sound by Andrew Ruzkowski, Artesian Well by C. Malcolm Ellsworth, The Sum of Two Mothers by Dennis Etzel, Jr., Great Conversations, Greater Wasps by Jake Russell, Our Small Faces by Jamie L. Moore, Pretty the Ugly by Jillian M. Phillips, Ripple & Snap by Laura McCullough, The Smashing House by Laura McCullough, Birth in Storm by Leah Sewell, The Intimacy Archive by Leigh Anne Hornfeldt, The Breath Before Birds Fly by M. E. Silverman, Precipice Fruit by Sara Biggs Chaney, Without Dorothy There Was No Going Home by Alex Stolis, Before Fire: Divorce Poems by Allie Marini Batts, The Story Teller’s Sister by Amber Hollinger, Opening the Doors of the Temple by Annalee Vilen Kwochka, Everything I Know… by Anthony Frame, The Mistake Tea Can Sometimes Make by Brittany D. Clark, Superhero Questions by Charlie Geoghegan-Clements, evaporatus by Christopher Klingbeil, Splayed by Christopher McCurry, A Jellyfish for Every Name by David Rawson, The Truck Driver’s Daughter by Denise R. Weuve, The Smell of Snow by Holly Day, Every Word Was Once Drunk by Ian Bodkin, Stronger Than Cleopatra by Jacqueline Jules, EveryHerDies by Jennifer MacBain-Stephens, What Becomes Ours by Jeremy Broyles, It Would All Happen in Barcelona by Jessica Barksdale, The Formulas by Jordan Sanderson, The Abridged Autobiography of Yousef R. & Other Stories by Joseph Rathgeber, No Timid Electra by Katherine MacCue, Shutters : Voices : Wind by Laura McCullough, 5th Generation Immigrant by Lee Busby, By the Windpipe by Leslie McGrath, Diary in Irregular Ink by Lori Lamothe, The Weight of Paper by Mark Lee Webb, Last of the Species by Mary Fifield, Shhh by Mathieu Cailler, The Amputation Artist by Michael Broek, Psalmandala by Michael Patrick Collins, Everything We Create Smells Like the Earth by Paul McGlamery, Splattervision by Peter Florek, Polly & Veronica by Phyllis Green, One Never Eats Four by Samantha Duncan, What Becomes Within by Sarah Lilius, File Cabinet Heart by Shannon Curtin, Pile of Crosses by Steven Ostrowski, Pyrophitic by Susan DeFreitas, Equinox Mirror by Tantra Bensko, Let the Body Beg by Tara Shea Burke, Twenty-Something by Tatiana Ryckman, Cosmonaut by Adam Love, Simple Pleasures by A.W. Marshall, Audrey: A Book of Love by Beate Sigriddaughter, Speaking Through Sediment by Cindy Rinne, Cover the Sky with Crows by Deonte Osaynade, What the Dying Man Asked Me by Derek Graf, Farmstead, Fire, Field by Duncan Campbell, Fingertip Scripture by Ian Bodkin, Nobody’s Looking by Jim Miller, Death Tells Me Jokes by John Mitchel, The Whitings by Josh Penzone, The Story Ends — The Story Never Ends by Joyce Goldenstern, Strange Tapestry by Justin Parnell, Girl Power and Other Short-Short Stories by Katie Cortese, Concealed Weapons by Kindra McDonald,  A Roomful of Machines by Kristine Ong Muslim, Machinist in the Snow by Lawrence Eby, Fingertip Scripture by Lee Busby, Dreams of the Living by Lisa Marie Cole,  Heart Full of Tinders by Lisa Maria Cole, The Upper Peninsula Misses You by Mark Magoon, Speaking Through Sediment by Michael Cooper, The Great and Terrible by Natalie Byers, Little Deaths by Nicole Rollender, These Acts of Water by Nina Bannett, Heat Will Wash Through by William Alton, Mother Figures by Amy Barnes, We Love in Small Moments by Melissa Boles, SOFTENING by Olivia Braley, Manifold by Travis Cravey, MIXTAPES by Rachael Crosbie, Covenants by Tommy Dean, Like Us by L Scully, The Cake, The Smoke, The Moon by Francine Witte

Information found here.

Five Oaks Press 2014-2018 (New York, Connecticut, and Louisiana)

About/ Mission: Five Oaks Press is an independent press that publishes poetry and literary fiction. We host readings at AWP and nominate for the Pushcart Prize, as well as any other awards we can find for our authors. All of our titles are perfect-bound with ISBN numbers. Our full-length collections are distributed by Ingram. We are mainly a print-on-demand publisher (meaning we don’t keep a large inventory of physical books), so we ask that our authors partner with us to market their works. We also run The Live Oak Review, an online journal devoted to author interviews and book reviews of contemporary poetry, literary fiction and creative nonfiction.

Genres: Poetry and Literary Fiction 

Editors: Lynn Marie Houston

Authors: Jia Oak Baker, Milton Bates, Christine Beck, Beau Boudreaux, Susan H. Case, Rachel Custer, John Davis Jr., Rob Davidson, Emari DiGiorgio, Rosemarie Dombrowski, John Findura, Pamela Garvey, Father Teri Harroun, Julie Hensley, Eve Hoffman, Karla Huston, Rae Hoffman Jager, Charles Jensen, Markus Egeler Jones, Terri Harroun, K. T. Landon, Kyle Laws, Brenna Lemieux, Lisa Marie Mangini, Molly Kugel Merkner, Tracy Mishkin, Pat Mottola, Peter E. Murphy, Shawnte Orion, Robert S. Pesich, Nicole Ross Rollender, Emily Jo Scalzo, James Sallis, J.R. Solonche, Jennifer Spiegel, Michael Tugendhat, Elizabeth Tornes, Sara Moore Wagner, Brandon Walsh, Allyson Whipple, and Sally Zakariya

Titles: The Book of Emergencies by Rosemarie Dombrowski, Make Anything Whole by Brandon Walsh, So Bright to Blind by Kyle Laws, Do-It-Yourself Paper Airplanes by Sarah Sadie, Well Enough to Travel by Jia Oak Baker, The Forest of the Suburbs by Molly Merkner, What I’m Afraid to Show You by Michael Tugendhat, The Last Pub on Earth by Peter Murphy, Faithful as the Ground by Shawnte Orion, Under the Red Dress by Pat Mottola, Heart’s Content by J.R. Solonche, The Language of the Farm by David Kann, Night’s Pardons by James Sallis, Between the Dog and the Wolf by Elizabeth Tornes, and The Route to Cacharel by Matthew C. Nickle

Information found here.

Fuzzy Hedgehog Press

About/ Mission: We seek the highest quality prose possible. We seek stories that do more than titillate the senses. We seek stories that challenge the mind and enrich the soul.

Genres: Prose

Editors: Alissa Berger

Authors: Matthew Buscemi, K.J. McPike, Zachary Bonelli, and A. Ka, 

Titles: Transmutations of Fire and Void by Matthew Buscemi, XODUS by K.J. McPike, Schrödinger’s City by Matthew Buscemi, Lore & Logos by Matthew Buscemi, The Rain: Isaac the Fortunate Part 5 by A. Ka, The Autumn: Isaac the Fortunate Part 4 by A. Ka, Alterra by Zachary Bonelli, The Summer: Isaac the Fortunate Part 3 by A. Ka, Insomnium by Zachary Bonelli, The Spring: Isaac the Fortunate Part 2 by A. Ka, The Winter: Isaac the Fortunate Part 1 by A. Ka and Voyage Embarkation by Zachary Bonelli

Information found here.

Gradient Books

About/ Mission: experimental poetry press

Genres: Poetry

Editors: No information was found in our research

Authors: Lars Palm, Bill Allegrezza, Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, Diana Magallón, John M. Bennett, Matt Hill, Mark Young, Halvard Johnson, Jim Leftwich, and Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Titles: This thing just happened by Lars Palm, still. Walk. by Bill Allegrezza, E=>(AC)+h by Jukka-Pekka Kervinen, 147 MILLION ORPHANS: MMXI-MML by Eileen R. Tabios, Bravísima reseña by Diana Magallón & John M. Bennett, The Beige Book by Matt Hill, the eclectic world by Mark Young, Songs My Mother Taught Me & Junkyard Dog by Halvard Johnson, and [mnl is f930:] by Jim Leftwich & Jukka-Pekka Kervinen

Information found here.

Harbor Mountain Press 2006-2020 (Vermount)

About/Mission: Harbor Mountain Press is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt public charity, and is grateful for your generous support and donations. Your contributions are greatly appreciated. Please click here to make a tax-deductible donation to the press.

Genres: poetry

Authors: Information can be found here.

Titles: Information can be found here.

Information found here.

Hermeneutic Chaos Press 2015-2017

About/ Mission: Established in 2015, Hermeneutic Chaos Press, an extension of Hermeneutic Chaos Journal, is an independent micropress that publishes 7-10 chapbooks per year of poetry, fiction and creative non-fiction. We are a queer-friendly, feminist press that is committed to promoting and celebrating the diversity of literature and its authors. Our mission, right from its inception, has been to publish literature that goes beyond its pages to offer exciting new perspectives that are vital, urgent, and necessary.

Our tastes are quite eclectic, but we are primarily interested in works that question the sinews of language and everyday experiences, and explore literary spaces outside the common using innovative imagery. We look for writing that rehearses imagination to confront the interpretations of an aesthetic that has already found a meaning in society. We acknowledge voices that are bold, uncanny, startling and resonating.  

We do not wish to circumscribe a manuscript’s potential by evaluating the literary genre it subscribes to, and therefore, are happy to accept all literary habitations a chapbook might want to assume, including speculative fiction and fabulism. We are also big enthusiasts of collaborative work –between writers, or writer(s) and artist(s), translations, or any such aesthetic amalgamation thereof, and greatly encourage such work. 

All our titles are printed in open or limited editions and bound by hand. Thus, each book becomes a unique work of art, curated with a lot of love. We understand the relationship that the writers have with the work they create, and therefore produce titles that our authors are proud of, and our readers are happy to add to their bookshelves.

We respect our authors and take pride in publishing their work,  and therefore actively promote their voices. We donate generous copies of our titles to university and national libraries. We also nominate our authors for all the major small press prizes and awards. 

Genres: Poetry, Fiction, Hybrid

Editors: Shinjini Bhattacharjee

Authors:  Alina Borger, Allie Marini, Andrew Koch,   Anita Olivia Koester, Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Brennan DeFrisco, Julie Brooks Barbour, and LeeAnn Olivier.

Titles: Tuesday’s Children by  Alina Borger, Exquisite Duet by Allie Marini, Brick-Woman by Andrew Koch, Marco Polo by Anita Olivia Koester, Knee Deep in Bone by Ariana D. Den Bleyker, Exquisite Duet by Brennan DeFrisco, Beautifully Whole by Julie Brooks Barbour, and Spindle, My Spindle by LeeAnn Olivier.

Information found here.

Laurel Reed Books 1990-2011 (Ontario, Canada)

About/ Mission: Laurel Reed Books is a small and smaller literary press in southern Ontario. Poetry is our home. Situated as we are only miles from the Grand River, at the edge of town where the fields begin, somewhere between Brantford and the Six Nations Reserve, one hour from Toronto and one hour from Buffalo N.Y., we exist on the edge of various cultures seeding dos wimpled wind of eclecticism.

Genres: Poetry 

Editors: Kemeny Babineau

Authors: Jay Millar, Richard Rathwell, Nelson Ball, John Barlow, Alice Burdick, Richard Stevenson, Brian Babineau, Harold Rhenisch, Rob Read, and Kemeny Babineau

Titles: DEMTENED POEMS I-X by Jay Millar, RENTED SOUL by Richard Rathwell, THREE-LETTER WORDS by Nelson Ball, 1234 poems by Brian Babineau, -Minus 45: Some Days in Winter by John Barlow, Descriptive Sketches by Rob Read, Tempus Fugit: improvisations for Miles Davis (includes serial poem sequence A Palimpsest fro Palle) by  Richard Stevenson, and To and Fro (from San Diego to Toronto) by Kemeny Babineau.

Information found here.

Lucky Bastard Press 2015-2017 (Berkley, CA)

About/ Mission: Lucky Bastard Press publishes underdogs & long shots. We’ll read anything, but we’re especially partial to poetry, with leanings towards slam, stage poetry & performance poetry.

Genres: Poetry (full-length and chapbook) 

Editors: Allie Marini and Brennan DeFrisco

Authors: Sam Slaughter, Cassandra Dallett, Les Kay, and J Bradley

Titles: God in Neon by Sam Slaughter, Bad Sandy by Cassandra Dallett, Badass by Les Kay, and No More Stories About the Moon by J Bradley

Information found here & here.

Monkey Puzzle Press 2007-2016 (Harrison, AR)

About/ Mission: Monkey Puzzle Press is an independent literary publisher headquartered in the heart of the Ozarks. Since 2007 we’ve been publishing avant-garde writing by emerging and established writers in book, eBook, and chapbook forms. We appreciate daring writing that exhibits intelligence and creativity, socio-political-cultural awareness, and humor. MPP is a member of IBPA, CLMP, and has distribution through Small Press Distribution. For more information about who we are and what we do, please visit our Staff page, Authors page, Magazine Contributors page, our Activism page, and our Links page.

Genres: poetry and fiction

Editors: Nate Jordan, Jordan Antonucci, Travis Cebula, and Ryan Everly

Authors: Car. Helen, adam perry, Travis Cebula, Nancy Stohlman, Brandon Arthur, Nick Morris, MArk Spitzer, Brad McLelland, Heidi Smith,  Meg Tuite, Min Jung Oh, Katharyn Grant, Barbara Hanning, Tim Z. Hernandez, Bonnie Zobell, Reed Bye, Jack Collon, Ella Longpre, Elizabeth Sharp McKetta, Aurora by Mitte Babette Roger, Nicholas B. Morris, Erin Virgil, j/j hastain, Douglas Campbell, Jennifer Woodworth, Christopher Shugrue, Dale Bridges, Jen Knox, Sean Callender, Shellie Zacharia, and Elyse Brownell

Titles: THE AFTERMATH, ETC. by Car. Helen, FOTOGRAPHS OF BONES by adam perry, SOME EXISTS by Travis Cebula, Searching for Suzi by Nancy Stohlman, Cold Instant by Jack Collom, Expired Rx by Brandon Arthur, Tapeworm by Nick Morris, After Orange Glow by Mark Spitzer,  BRUISERS by Brad McLelland, Clara Anne Burns by Heidi Smith, Disparate Pathors by  Meg Tuite, Body in a Hydrophilic Frame by Min Jung Oh, Interior Life by Katharyn Grant, A Slow Curve by Barbara Hanning, Culture of Flow Tim Z. Hernandez, The Whack Job Girls by Bonnie Zobell, Catching On by Reed Bye, BURST FIVEY & THE EGG-DROPPERS by Jack Collon, THE ODOR OF THE HOAX WAS GONE by Ella Longpre, THE FAIRY TALES MAMMALS TELL by Elizabeth Sharp McKetta, In Here by The Synthesis, Aurora by Mittie Babette Roger, THE BOY IN THE WELL by Nicholas B. Morris, MEMORY HOLES by Erin Virgil, SIXTEEN SCENES FROM A FILM I NEVER WANTED TO SEE by Stephen Policoff, XYR By j/j hastain, SUNFLOWERS, RIVERS, AND OTHER STORIES by Douglas Campbell, HOW I KISS HER TURNING HEAD by Jennifer Woodworth, Straw Writes by Christopher Shugrue, JUSTICE, INC. by Dale Bridges, DON’T TEASE THE ELEPHANTS by Jen Knox, THE FATHERLANDS by Michael Trocchia, NOT EVERYTHING LOVELY AND STRANGE IS A DREAM by Shellie Zacharia, and SINKHOLE by Elyse Brownell

Information found here.

Mud Luscious Press 2007-2013 (Fort Collins, CO)

About/ Mission: Mud Luscious Press publishes raw & aggressive works by writers unafraid to destroy & re-suture words. 

Genres: Poetry

Editors: JA Tyler 

Authors: Matt Bell, Gregory Sherl, Mathias Svalina, Michael Stewart, Norman Lock, Sasha Fletcher, Ben Brooks, Molly Gaudry, Ken Sparling, Robert Kloss, Michael Kimball, Gabe Durham, and Ryan Ridge

Titles: Cataclysm Baby by Matt Bell, The Oregon Trail is the Oregon Trail by Gregory Sherl, [ C. ] An MLP Stamp Stories Anthology, I Am A Very Productive Entrepreneur by Mathias Svalina, The Hieroglyphics by Michael Stewart, Grim Tales by Norman Lock, When All Our Days Are Numbered by Sasha Fletcher, An Island of Fifty by Ben Brooks, [ First Year ] An MLP Anthology, We Take Me Apart by Molly Gaudry, [ Pindeldyboz ] The Print Archives, Dad Says He Saw You at the Mall by Ken Sparling, The Alligators of Abraham by Robert Kloss, Michael Kimball Writes Your Life Story (on a postcard) by Michael Kimball, Fun Camp by Gabe Durham, and American Homes by Ryan Ridge.

Information found here.

Poets@Work Chapbook Prize

More information needed.

Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize 1998-2009 (Boston, MA)

About/ Mission: The Samuel French Morse Poetry Prize was established in 1983 to honor the Northeastern University career of Samuel French Morse as poet, teacher, and scholar by publishing the work of emerging artists. The prize is awarded annually to the manuscript of a first or second book of poems by a U.S. poet and consists of a $1000 cash award and publication of the winning manuscript by Northeastern University Press/UPNE..

Genres: Poetry

Editors: Guy Rotella 

Previous judges have been Anthony Hecht, Maxine Kumin, X.J. Kennedy, Donald Hall, Mary Oliver, Peter Davison, Charles Simic, Rachel Hadas, Philip Booth, A.R. Ammons, David Ferry, Sonia Sanchez, Molly Peacock, Edward Hirsch, Carolyn Kizer, Alfred Corn, Carl Phillips, Marilyn Hacker, Rosanna Warren, Robert Cording, Ellen Bryant Voigt, Eric Pankey, Lucia Perillo, Charles Harper Webb, and Rodney Jones

Authors: Dana Roeser,  Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, Virginia Chase Sutton, Annie Boutelle, Dana Roeser, Chris Forhan, Catherine Sasanov, Ted Genoways, Jennifer Atkinson,  James Haug, Jeffrey Greene, Charles Harper Webb, Michelle Boisseau, David Moolten, Don Boes, George Mills,  J. Allyn Rosser, Lucia Perillo, Frank Gaspar, Sue Ellen Thompson, William Carpenter, and Susan Donnelly.

Titles: In the Truth Room by Dana Roeser, Tulips, Water, Ash by Lisa Gluskin Stonestreet, What Brings You to Del Amo by Virginia Chase Sutton, A Form of Optimism by Roy Jacobstein, Nest of Thistles by Annie Boutelle, Beautiful Motion: Poems by Dana Roeser, The Actual Moon, the Actual Stars by Chris Forhan, All the Blood Tethers by Catherine Sasanov, Bullroarer: A Sequence by Ted Genoways, The Drowned City by Jennifer Atkinson, Walking Liberty by  James Haug, American Spirituals by Jeffrey Greene, Reading the Water by Charles Harper Webb, Understory by Michelle Boisseau, Living at the Epicenter by Allison Funk, Plums and Ashes by David Moolten, The Eighth Continent by Don Boes, In the Blood by Carl Phillips, The House Sails Out of Sight of Home by George Mills, Bright Moves by  J. Allyn Rosser, Dangerous Life by Lucia Perillo, The Holyoke by Frank Gaspar, This Body of Silk by Sue Ellen Thompson, Rain by William Carpenter, Eve Names the Animals by Susan Donnelly

Awards / Honors: Farber First Book Award and Tufts Award

Information found here.

The Textile Series (Houston, TX)

About/ Mission: The Textile Series is a micro-press with a mission to publish innovative writing in delightful little packages.

Genres: Poetry

Editors: Dawn Pendergast

Authors: Adam Fagin, Amanda Davidson, Beverly Dahlen, Brad Vogler, Brenda Sieczkowski, Brooklyn Copeland, C.E. Putnam, Caroline Knapp, Carrie Hunter, Charles Alexander, Craig Dworkin, Dan Thomas Glass, David Hadbawnik, David Leftwich, Dawn Pendergast, Doug MacPherson, Elizabeth Robinson, Emily Abendroth, Emily Carr, Forrest Roth, Hank Lazer, Jamie Townsend, Jared Hayes, Jared Schickling, Jen Hofer, Jen Tynes, Jenn McCreary, Jimmy Lo, Joe Milazzo, John Harkey, Jonathan Skinner, Julia Bloch, Julia Drescher, Kevin Holden, Kevin Varrone, Lauren Levin, Lee Gough, Mac Wellman, Mairéad Byrne, Mary Kasimor, Matt Reeck, Megan Kaminski, Michael Sikkema, Misty Harper, Pattie McCarthy, Paul Klinger, Rachel Blau DuPlessis, rob mclennan, Sara Lefsyk, Sarah Mangold, Stephen Nelson, Steve Gilmartin, Todd Melicker & Trevor Calvert

Titles: N/A (website and web archive not found)

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Three Candles Press 2005-2007 (First Book Award) & lit journal (Burnsville, MN)

About/ Mission: three candles was established as a literary arts journal on the web in 1999. In over five years of publication, the journal has published new poems by Ray Gonzalez, Joyce Sutphen, Paul Guest, Jim Moore, Jeffrey Levine, Michael Dennis Browne, Deborah Keenan, J.P. Dancing Bear, Peter Kane Dufault, and others. The press was established in 2005.

Genres: Poetry

Editors: Prize judged by Joseph Millar

Authors: Andrew Demcak 

Titles: Catching Tigers in Red Weather by Andrew Demcak 

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Tilt Press 2008-2011 (NC)

About/ Mission: A small print press dedicated to publishing quality poetry chapbooks for emerging poets: individuals who have not yet published a chapbook or full-length collection of work.

Genres: Poetry (chapbooks)

Editors: Rachel Mallino & Nicole Cartwright Denison

Authors: Hanna Andrews, Sarah Sloat, Julie Platt, Andrew Terhune, and Shira Dentz

Titles: a / long / division by Hanna Andrews, In the Voice of a Minor Saint by Sarah Sloat, In the Kingdom of My Familiar by Julie Platt, Handle This Bludgeon and Run Me Through by Andrew Terhune, and Leaf Weather by Shira Dentz

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Zoo Press 2003-2006 (Omaha, NB)

About/ Mission: Zoo’s mission (aspiration) is to publish the best writers writing in the English language, and will endeavor to do it at the rate of at least ten manuscripts of admirable quality a year, providing we can find them. We’re confident we can. By quality we mean originality, an awareness of tradition, formal integrity, rhetorical variety (i.e., invective, satire, argument, irony, etc.), an impressive level of difficulty, authenticity and, above all, beauty.

Zoo believes in the need for presses devoted to the work of serious, literary writers. We will provide significant advertising and marketing efforts for all published books, and an excellent distribution program spearheaded by the prestigious University of Nebraska Press. In addition to printing the work of contest winners, Zoo is committed to printing several additional books per year, and to facilitate readings wherever possible.

To the literary landscape in America, Zoo will bring a fresh aesthetic, a dedication to the art of publishing, resourcefulness, imagination, a sense of adventure, and a belief in smallness and that authors should have a choice for exclusiveness over comprehensiveness. If we must qualify our aesthetic further (and we feel we must) we will favor manuscripts that show “the power to move freely in the length and breadth of linguistic thinking without slipping into banality,” to quote Walter Benjamin, and writers that demonstrate “resentment and fright at realizing that the past will not carry them on its back,” to quote Auden.

Genres: Poetry, Non-Fiction 

Editors: Neil Azevedo, Jessica Maynard

Authors: Rachel Hadas, Joseph Harrison, Randall Mann, Eric Ormsby, Jeff Tweedy, Josh Bell, John Foy, Patricia Ferrell, Martha Rhodes, Alan Ziegler, Christian Wiman, and David Yezzi

Titles: Laws by Rachel Hadas, Someone Else’s Name by Joseph Harrison, Complaint in the Garden by Randall Mann, Daybreak at the Straits and Other Poems by Eric Ormsby, Adult Head by Jeff Tweedy, No Planets Strike by Josh Bell, Thirty Years War: Love Poems by Patricia Ferrell, Techne’s Clearinghouse by John Foy, Mother Quiet by Martha Rhodes, The Swan Song of Vaudeville by Alan Ziegler, Ambition and Survival: Essays by Christian Wiman, and The Zoo Anthology of Younger Poets by David Yezzi

Prizes/ Awards / Honors: Paris Review Prize, Nebraska Review Prize, and the Kenyon Review Prize in poetry 

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