The Opposite of Work by Hugh Behm-Steinberg & Illustrated Mary Behm-Steinberg

The Opposite of Work by Hugh Behm-Steinberg & Mary Behm-Steinberg

The Opposite of Work is a breathless, staccato, meandering path through a mind. It’s delightful and surprising, like a fast-growing vine. It’s what good poetry should be. The poems are paired perfectly by the equally delightful and surprising drawings of Mary Behm-Steinberg. The book will snatch you, and leave you on the other side, bewildered and alive.

Watch a video of Hugh and Mary Behm-Steinberg’s visual poetry collaboration conceived for the book The Opposite of Work. The illustrated poem created in this flip-book is entitled “On Dreams.”

The Opposite of Work’s original press, JackLeg Press, has recently re-opened.

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