Downloading DB Titles

File Type

-Doubleback Books are PDF files and are compatible with most electronic devices.

Downloading to Mac or PC

-Go to the “Titles” page of our website

-Click the desired title (for this explanation we’ll use “Discount Fireworks”). The title will be underlined as pictured below.

-Once you click the title, it should open in a new window

-If you want to download, then you can click the downward arrow as pictured below

-From here you’ll be asked where you want to save the PDF

-Once you have the PDF saved you can double-click the file to open whenever you want to read

Downloading to Smart Phone

-Open the Doubleback Books website on your web browser

-Go to the “Titles” page

-Similarly to downloading on a computer, touch to click the book’s title or the book’s image

-This should open the book in a new window

-To download to a different location on your Smart Phone use the action bar at the bottom of the page and click the “share” button to open in another app

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